Virtual Event Planning Service

The virtual event planner is for the savvy bride who, whether she is on a tight budget or not, does not need the stress of doing it all on her own, shes guided through the process by a voice in her ear.  Its the newest way that brides plan their event from start to finish all from their cellphones/tablet!

Our virtual concierge service is state-of-the-art.  It harnesses technology to get the job done!  Our team are masters in the area of planning and design as they are event business professionals who run their own event venues, graphics and decor business, so they know what’s needed to pull off an event.  Theyve also planned their own weddings so they know a client’s requirements for their big day.

How does our virtual planning work? 

We collaborate on planning through our online planning website/portal.  It has all the tools youll ever need to plan your event from start to finish.  Youll get a budget, Things-To-Do lists, create your shareable Pinterest-like vision board, create seating charts, venue floorplan layout, team private messaging and free planning guides such as Day of Wedding and Wedding Planning timelines and a complete Wedding Planning Checklist.  You also receive your own customizable wedding website where your guests can rsvp to your event!  Use that information to create seating assignments, and check guests in on the day of your event.  This is all done from one place.  Your vendors can collaborate online with you as well.  Plus signing contracts and making payments are all done via the website.

Additionally, we communicate via phone calls, emails, conference calls and video calls if needed.  You‘ll be assigned a lead virtual planner who will work with you to create all the tools youll need, guide you through the planning process, and ensure you are on top of your budget and timeline.

What is the difference between a Virtual Event Planner and a regular Event Planner?

The difference is simple, the Virtual Event Planner plans a complete event with their clients mostly online.  It eliminates the need for face-to-face/physical meetings thus cuts down on costs.  It means also that the planner can plan any event in any location regardless of where the planner and the event are located.  Its a great alternative for brides who still want to have control over planning their event, but be guided by their Virtual Planner.

Having your event executed via Virtual Planning is also very affordable without compromising on the quality of the service.  Please see our affordable and customizable pricing list here and contact us for a consultation.

Brooch Bouquets Designs by Adhore!


Events by Adhore took on the task of designing their very own line of brooch bouquets in 2015, which was the beginning of many wedding accessories to be placed under their new bridal brand.  They are calling this new line of brooch bouquets ‘Broquets’ (bro-cays).

Brooch bouquets are a great way of replacing the traditional flower bouquets.  They are more long-lasting since they do not use materials that will decay, so they are great for keepsakes.  Plus you can personalize them by adding materials/gems/heirlooms to them for the something old effect.  They can also be passed down to future brides.

CEO and chief designer Dione Nancolas took to the task of designing and creating the brooch bouquets from scratch to completion.  “It was not very easy to do.  I watched different videos of people teaching you how to do it, but I decided to add my own flair and character to the bouquet”, she stated.  “I used materials I bought plus what I found around my home to pull it off.  In the end, it was stunning and very rewarding.  The first one I did was our signature teal bouquet and that one was so impressive.  But the more I created others, I started to get better with the engineering of making the bouquet more stable and the design more appealing.  By the time I got to the last gold and ivory one, I had perfected making the complete design!”  she reported.

Adhore reports that these bouquets which are currently in 6 colors are now available, and there will be more to come.  Their ‘adhore-able’ brides will be able to rent or purchase them for use on their special day.  Custom design and orders are also welcomed.  The Tiffany teal blue was the first color as it is the signature color for their Adhore brand.


Plan your own wedding in 30 days

 Read the full article to plan your wedding on THE KNOT

To plan your wedding can too easily turn into months of obsessing over endless details, pressing deadlines, family and drama.  That’s enough stress to make you just want to elope. To combat the insanity, we went on a mission to put the process to plan in perspective.  Now you could pull off a big wedding in as few as 30 days (if you really wanted to!). The key to accomplishing it is to eliminate the panic-inducing extras and focus on the big tasks at hand. So the next time you feel like you’ll never get it all done, rest assured, it’s simpler than you think. Here, your cheat sheet and secret weapon against wedding planning meltdown mode.

This Photo credit: Devon Thomas Jr. (EX25)

1. Knock out the three big essentials: budget, guest list, and style.

What’s the dream reception look like? A small intimate dinner at your favorite restaurant? A dressy cocktail party? At the same time, figure out how much money you plan to spend. The average wedding in 2012 cost close to $29,000, not including the honeymoon. A big-budget influencer is the guest list. It costs more to invite more, so keep that in mind. Also, the average guest list is about 140 people. Because you’re working within a short timeframe, and potential guests may have already made plans for the month, you’ll probably end up with a smaller than average guest list.

2. Find and book a reception site, and set a date.

The usual suspects (country clubs, ballrooms, hotels) might already be booked for Saturday night but call them anyway and try for a Friday or even Sunday afternoon or evening. Also, think outside the typical wedding venue and consider nearby restaurants with event space or large rooms that can be sectioned off.

3. Start a wedding website and set up a registry.

It’s free to create a website on and having one is by far the best way to get info out to your guests quickly (and 30 days is quick!). Once you’ve set up your registries, link them from your website so that guests have an easy way to find where you’re registered.

4. Send out invites.

Sure, you could email your guests but we think a more personal alternative is still the best route for a wedding invite. You won’t have time for custom, but check out stationery stores around your area for pre-printed invites or look online (Wedding Paper Divas and have a ton of designs). If you have an extra small guest list and good penmanship, you could even send hand-written notes. Just don’t forget to include your wedding website on the card so that everyone knows where to go for more info.

5. Find a wedding dress.

There won’t be time for fittings and custom orders but you still have a few options. Bridal salons host sample sales all the time where if you’re lucky, you could buy and take a designer gown home with you same-day. Or, check out any number of popular ready-to-wear stores that are now carrying wedding-worthy white dresses. There’s BHLDN with dreamy vintage-style dresses, Ann Taylor for classic and simple silhouettes, and even Nordstrom for the variety factor to name a few.

6. Decide on a suit or tux for him.

This should be easy enough. Similar to the wedding dress, there won’t be time to go custom but you still have the option to rent a tux from a Men’s Wearhouse type of place. For classic suits, try Brooks Brothers or check out any number of stores like Zara and Top Man for affordable and totally on-trend styles.

7. Pick your bridal party and tell them what to wear.

We recommend choosing a color and style and then asking your best girlfriends to find the closest match. So maybe it’s that everyone needs to find a flowy chiffon dress in pink, or a knee-length dress in navy and any neckline goes. Or — if it works with your style — just ask them to wear their favorite LBD from their closet. The guys can rent tuxes, or you could have them wear their own suits and then buy them matching ties to coordinate the look.

8. Create an outline of the other vendors you need to hire and start inquiring about your date.

This is probably going to be your toughest task by far.  At the very least, you’re going to want to find a florist, photographer, videographer cake baker and band or DJ. Your best bet here: Let one vendor lead you to the next. If you find a photographer you love, ask them to recommend the rest of your vendors.


Now, you don’t have to take on the task of planning your event for yourself.  We at Events by Adhore, offer state of the art hybrid and virtual planning to help you make the most of your time and efforts.  Please visit our Planning and decor page to read more about what we offer.