Rental guidelines and service

Party Rental Service
Adhore’s Party Rental

Rental service is provided to the Treasure Valley in Idaho, certain areas in Georgia, and Pensylvania.  Inventory is also maintained in each of these locations although some products may be limited in some areas.  Each product in our rental portal will state which areas they are available in. 

Please feel free to request a quote by simply reserving the items for the date and time you will need them.  We will finalize the reservation and email you the final costing in the form of an invoice within 24 hours.  The cost of the items do not include delivery and pickup charges, this is additional.  In some cases, we allow the client to pick up and return their items to waive delivery charges.  However, the client MUST pay a higher security deposit in this case.  Providing that all items are returned in acceptable conditions, security deposits will be returned on drop-off day or up to 1 day later.  Depending on how long it will take to check off and inspect the items.  We recommend that you inspect and pack your rental items properly before returning them to us.  This will speed up the process of having your deposit refunded back to you.

You can pay your invoice securely online via debit/credit cards.  A representative will be assigned to your request.  If you have any queries in regards to your order, feel free to communicate with them.   

Items are rented on a per day basis.  However, weekend rentals are counted as 1 day because we are not open on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.  So an item rented by Saturday afternoon will be returned on Monday and will count as a 1 day.  While reserving a weekend rental online, your cost will reflect that of  3 days.  However, we will adjust the cost to reflect 1-day rental and the invoice will be mailed to you.

Please read our policy page for more information on rental conditions.  And to begin selecting your items for rental, visit this link.