Brooch Bouquets Designs by Adhore!


Events by Adhore took on the task of designing their very own line of brooch bouquets in 2015, which was the beginning of many wedding accessories to be placed under their new bridal brand.  They are calling this new line of brooch bouquets ‘Broquets’ (bro-cays).

Brooch bouquets are a great way of replacing the traditional flower bouquets.  They are more long-lasting since they do not use materials that will decay, so they are great for keepsakes.  Plus you can personalize them by adding materials/gems/heirlooms to them for the something old effect.  They can also be passed down to future brides.

CEO and chief designer Dione Nancolas took to the task of designing and creating the brooch bouquets from scratch to completion.  “It was not very easy to do.  I watched different videos of people teaching you how to do it, but I decided to add my own flair and character to the bouquet”, she stated.  “I used materials I bought plus what I found around my home to pull it off.  In the end, it was stunning and very rewarding.  The first one I did was our signature teal bouquet and that one was so impressive.  But the more I created others, I started to get better with the engineering of making the bouquet more stable and the design more appealing.  By the time I got to the last gold and ivory one, I had perfected making the complete design!”  she reported.

Adhore reports that these bouquets which are currently in 6 colors are now available, and there will be more to come.  Their ‘adhore-able’ brides will be able to rent or purchase them for use on their special day.  Custom design and orders are also welcomed.  The Tiffany teal blue was the first color as it is the signature color for their Adhore brand.