Virtual Event Planning Service

Virtual Event Planner

The virtual event planner is for the savvy bride who, whether she is on a tight budget or not, does not need the stress of doing it all on her own, shes guided through the process by a voice in her ear.  Its the newest way that brides plan their event from start to finish all from their cellphones/tablet!

Our virtual concierge service is state-of-the-art.  It harnesses technology to get the job done!  Our team are masters in the area of planning and design as they are event business professionals who run their own event venues, graphics and decor business, so they know what’s needed to pull off an event.  Theyve also planned their own weddings so they know a client’s requirements for their big day.

How does our virtual planning work? 

We collaborate on planning through our online planning website/portal.  It has all the tools youll ever need to plan your event from start to finish.  Youll get a budget, Things-To-Do lists, create your shareable Pinterest-like vision board, create seating charts, venue floorplan layout, team private messaging and free planning guides such as Day of Wedding and Wedding Planning timelines and a complete Wedding Planning Checklist.  You also receive your own customizable wedding website where your guests can rsvp to your event!  Use that information to create seating assignments, and check guests in on the day of your event.  This is all done from one place.  Your vendors can collaborate online with you as well.  Plus signing contracts and making payments are all done via the website.

Additionally, we communicate via phone calls, emails, conference calls and video calls if needed.  You‘ll be assigned a lead virtual planner who will work with you to create all the tools youll need, guide you through the planning process, and ensure you are on top of your budget and timeline.

What is the difference between a Virtual Event Planner and a regular Event Planner?

The difference is simple, the Virtual Event Planner plans a complete event with their clients mostly online.  It eliminates the need for face-to-face/physical meetings thus cuts down on costs.  It means also that the planner can plan any event in any location regardless of where the planner and the event are located.  Its a great alternative for brides who still want to have control over planning their event, but be guided by their Virtual Planner.

Having your event executed via Virtual Planning is also very affordable without compromising on the quality of the service.  Please see our affordable and customizable pricing list here and contact us for a consultation.