Special Event Planning Packages


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How Does it Work?

Your event will be assigned to a Virtual Planning Professional, which will be assisted by 2 Interns to plan your event.  Interns are never left alone to handle any aspect of your event, they are always supervised by a professional.  They simply watch and assist so they can learn.   In return, all we ask is that you will give our Professional and each intern an honest written online review.

How will they learn really?

They are present on consultation phone calls to listen how a professional communicate with a client and vendors and learn the questions that are asked.  They are present at meetings such as consultations, site visits, vendor meetings so they can see how to deal with vendors.   If a Decor and a Day of Coordinating package are obtained, they are present to help with setup and breakdown.  They will also be a part of your planning team on your group page of our Planning Portal website where your event will be planned.

Why can packages be so cheap, will the service be compromised?

Absolutely not!  We need our trainees to get FULL training on planning a real event.  While others use mock events, we use real events as they get the hands-on knowledge to see how, not only to put an event together, but how to handle event crisis should one comes up.  Our interns gain experience and become professionals quickly.   Our service to you will certainly not be compromised, we still have to put our name behind your event!  Additionally, most of the planning is done online through our Planning portal website, also through phone and video calls.  This cuts down the expenses of too many physical meetings.  However, we do physical meetings such as the initial consultation and site visits prior to the event.

How should I proceed?

Much like booking us for one of our full priced package, simply sign up below and make your payment.  You will also be asked to sign our contract.  A professional will be assigned to you along with up to 2 interns.  You will be given access to create an account on our Planning Portal website (which is set up like a Facebook group page), and that will be the headquarters where your event will be planned.

What do your packages entail?

Click the links below to read what each package entails.

Click here to sign up for one of our discount packages now!  Only for the first 20 applicants!